About St. Nicholas


My name is St. Nicholas. I am better known by the world as Santa Claus. I am the fabled and legendary bringer of toys and gifts on Christmas Eve and I am the Guardian of Wonder. I have the ability to find the wonder in everything around me which helps me in the creation of toys and inventions. It also boosts my faith in others and resolve it helps me be jolly and a little childish but gives me a unique insight.

I am a warrior with a heart of gold. I am Fierce, demanding, and impulsive, everything about me is larger than life. For me, nothing is impossible as long as I believe in it. I am a master swordsman and consider myself the best in the world. My swordsmanship skills are so advanced that the Man in the Moon and Ombric trusted him with one of the legendary relics, Tsar Lunar XI's Sword.

I am a master Craftsman, Magician, Toymaker, and Inventor. I have been trained and tutored in magic by Ombric. His skills in magic are so great that Ombric, himself, has said that I may have surpassed him already. I am able to combine magic with my inventions which end with amazing results like the Djinni Robot. As the Overseer of Christmas. I created the Globe of Belief in my workshop, my famous reindeer-pulled sleigh, and my Snowglobes that become portals to anywhere in the world. I have the Naughty and Nice Lists imprinted on my arms, which I can handle at any time and check to see what child goes on which list, and even remove a name from either at any time.

Life in the North Pole
I discovered an abandoned village in the North Pole and decided to turn the village into my new headquarters. For centuries, the elves and I would work alongside each other to bring joy and happiness to the good people of the world, especially children, as the elves would build the toys and gifts that I would deliver every year on Christmas Eve.

At some unknown point in time, I would meet with a kind-hearted woman with magic powers similar to mine. After some time we decided to get married and moved into the North Pole alongside me and helped me create and deliver toys. She single-handedly designed over 300,000 shops in the village, which the elves would then build earning the alias, Mrs. Claus. In the center of the village was a giant tree that I would place the Star of Bethlehem on top of to power up the village. I then devised a way to connect the light from the star to the Borealis, creating the veil. I am the only one who knows how to get in and out of the veil safely.


How do my reindeer fly?
Unlike birds, reindeer do not have feathers, but the hairs of Santa's reindeer do have hollow shafts within them. The short hairs close to the reindeer's skin can fluff up to trap air and the longer hairs appear tapered at the ends, making them more aerodynamic. Their antlers have an aerodynamic structure too. The diet of Santa's reindeer during the month of December consists almost entirely of star dust-coated alfalfa and carrot snacks. This enables them to fly long distances, during short periods of time, in unfavorable visibility conditions.

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